Tractor Registrations

No number, No problem

Twenty five years ago one tractor club recognised owners were having problems registering restored tractors. Working with other vintage clubs this led to the DVLA introducing their V765 scheme in 1990. That club was the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club. So far we have helped several thousand owners. Not only those with all makes of tractor but with other agricultural machines like combines and beet harvesters. Probably the best way to get them helping you is to contact John Porter, the Club’s registration specialist by Email: [email protected]

Two general points. When you acquire a tractor try and find out as much as you can from the seller about its past history.

Restoration work can sometimes remove helpful clues to its past history.

While every owner finishes up with their own problem most start with one or more of the following symptoms:

  • DVLA claim they have no record of this tractor.
  • DVLA were very discouraging when you enquired.
  • There is no number plate visible on the tractor.
  • Part of the registration number is missing.
  • The documents with the tractor are wrong.
  • The seller had no documents for the tractor.
  • The tractor is a recent import.
  • The tractor has been neglected for many years.
  • The serial number is missing.
  • The finished tractor includes parts from other tractors.

Before ringing John it would be helpful have a note of :

  • What make and model the tractor is?
  • Any registration number visible?
  • Any serial number visible?
  • Any letters you have had from the DVLA about it, (often their exact wording can conceal a clue.)
  • Have a pen and paper handy to make a note of any suggestions for further research to find more clues about your tractor’s history.

Currently the cost for Members of the NVTEC is £25.00, for non-members £50.00 (includes club membership for 2024).

DVLA charge for age related applications is £55.00. Applications to retain the original number are not charged for by DVLA.

NOVA [HMRC tax clearance on imported machines] where applicable £20

John advises all members requiring tractor registrations to contact him prior starting the registration process with the DVLA, for guidance

As a recognised national tractor club the NVTEC were involved in the discussions with the DVLA that led to the setting up of the V765 Scheme in November 1990 in the first place.

From its beginning NVTEC have been recognised by the DVLA as the able to deal with ALL makes and models of tractor

So far the NVTEC have considered over 5000 applications. Documents from these applications occasionally provide clues to help later applications.

Some applicants contributed factory records and other less official sources of information .

John has access to much confidential trade literature and reference books acquired over his years in the machinery trade

Many country council archivists have helped in solving mysteries. If you know the right questions to ask.

Many of the clues and hints on mysteries apply to more than one make

If an inspection is required by the DVLA they will often accept the opinion of a local NVTEC member.

Contact John Porter by email at [email protected]